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"Karissa is patient, kind and knowledgeable about her trade.  She is serious about her business and desire to make you feel good about yourself when you walk out the door.  She explains the process thoroughly and is very clear on what to expect throughout the healing process; which makes the entire process so much better. I highly recommend Karissa to you! Thank you Karissa for giving me my brows back!"

Rebecca S.

"Karissa's work is SO good. I'm thoroughly impressed with her method, process and customer service! She explains every detail and makes sure absolute sure that you're happy with the shape and outcome of the procedure.  Thank you Karissa!  I'm really happy with my brows!"

Sandra P.

"Karissa was very professional and patient with me. She took her time and made sure I was comfortable the entire process. I love my brows and the work she did. Definitely a life changer for me and best thing I've done for myself."

Jessica G.

"I am absolutely IN LOVE  with Karissa's work. My eyebrows are perfect! From the shape to the color, she knows her business and is the best at it. The other day I woke up and went to the gym, the first thing the lady at the front told me was 'I love your eyebrows.' Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself. Karissa knows what she is doing!"

Crystal A.

"Got my brows done today. They came out awesome, love them!!! I would definitely having Karissa do your brows.  She is a perfectionist!"

Maria H.

"She did exactly what I asked for. She is very detailed. I feel brand new and enjoy walking around with my new amazing brows."

Carolina C.

"I had an amazing experience! Karissa is a miracle worker <3"

Rita R.

"If you're seeking a professional, talented brow artist, this is your girl! My beautiful cousin will be happy to accommodate you. Her brow boutique is on Yale street in the Heights."

Ramona F.

"If you've been thinking about microblading, book your appointment with brows by Karissa now! Karissa took the time to explain the procedure every step of the way, from her set up to mapping and measuring my new brow shape, numbing, color selection, and the microblading technique. She was patient with me, I showed her pictures of what I wanted and we worked together from there to get the perfect shape.  She really takes her time and is a perfectionist!!! She shape, reshaped, and reshaped until we both felt it was perfect. I stated to feel a little discomfort midway through the process and she stopped to apply more numbing agent to ensure there wasn't any further discomfort. I am wowed by the outcome, it's a HUGE transformation and I LOVE IT!  I highly recommend Karissa and if you know me, you know how picky I am!!! Thank you Karissa, I'm looking forward to getting past stage 2, the healing process and on to 3, my second session for my perfect brows!  Book your appointment now, Merry Christmas to your face!!!" 

Louise G.

"She's a perfectionist, I love my brows!"

Virginia M.

"Very professional, amazing work I'm very satisfied with the results!"

Nancy L.


"Karissa did an AMAZING job! I have had a minimal case of vitiligo since 18 years old that gets real bad in the summer and when in sun. I love the outdoors so doing my my eyebrows now before summer was the perfect time for me. I don't ever wear much makeup so perfect brows is all I need daily!

Jessica R.

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